Marty Neary


Marty can play your wedding, coffee shop or bar. Or he can teach you how to rock.  He has spent most of his life playing, recording and teaching guitar and bass.  He specializes in 80s tunes but is well versed in everything from Black Sabbath to Taylor Swift. He is the perfect fit for lessons or your upcoming event.  Call him today (303) 359-1153, or send an email to

Marty Neary is available for :

  • Beginning/intermediate guitar lessons
  • Beginning/intermediate bass lessons
  • Group Guitar lessons at your school, church etc.
  • Solo acoustic guitar events such as weddings and christmas parties.
  • Coffee Shop/Bar solo acoustic guitar gigs
  • One of his two 80's cover bands can play any event you need
  • Marty is always open too new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list, call him and discuss the possibilities. 
  • Please Note- Sorry, No More Scuba Lessons
(303) 359-1153

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