Marty Neary


I teach beginning and intermediate guitar and bass lessons out of my home.  Sessions are individual, one-on-one.   Lessons are $25.00 per half hour, once a week.  

My philosophy:
The great thing about the guitar is that no two people sound alike.  Playing an instrument is not a sport. No matter how much better than you someone may seem on an instrument, they don't sound like you, and you may come up with a catchy chorus or riff that captures the worlds attention.  Complicated songs are not better or more interesting songs, they are just more complicated. And while learning to read music is a useful skill, and absolutely necessary for jazz and classical guitarists, I feel that my job early on is to inspire the student by having them play songs the first day. The sooner a student can learn some basic chords, the sooner they will realize that they can can play thousands of songs with those same chords.  In short, I like to emphasize the study of chord progressions and show how similar many songs are. 

Young people are very busy these days.  Homework, sports, clubs, sleep-overs, etc. can all make for a crazy schedule. Students need to feel that playing their instrument is not  just  another thing they have to do.   I use my guitar to escape from all of the commitments.  I close the door to my room and "play".  

The sooner a student can begin experimenting and making their own noise the better. 

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